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(via nayyirahwaheed)

Sometimes goodness comes
from treating yourself.
Not like you burned earth to dust
but like YOU made it
into a beautiful body.
Crowned it with stars,
put a precious coat over it
and called it home

-Tapiwa Mugabe, (via tapiwamugabe)

how absolutely. exquisitely. breathtaking.

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(via tapiwamugabe)

Remind yourself:
they can’t break me
they didn’t make me
feed on your light -Tapiwa Mugabe, (via tapiwamugabe)

Quiet like nighttime in Ondo
vibrant like the night market in Ìbàdàn
men would prostrate before her
bringing gifts to appease her

Ifa priestesses predicted children would dance in her womb
but they forgot to tell her
her son will turn mad after eighteen full

but they forgot to tell her
her daughter will fly away again and again
past midnight

two full moons after her daughter’s last birth
she waited patiently
applying towel dipped and squeezed in cold water
on her baby’s warm feverish body

then the bird came
calling for her daughter
Ajayi threw the white powder as instructed,
muttering words, calling on all her ancestors as instructed by the Priestess

the bird fell,
cutlass held tight
blood splattered on her face
she washed self with the water from the calabash
buried the bird underneath the ash from last night’s firewood
the next morning,
the town crier announced the river moved to the next village.


Ijeoma Umebinyuo

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There are walls everywhere,
Between us all
Invisible; but always there.
colonised, f.gabdon (via thegabdonwrites)

silly memories


i remember…
when you read poetry to me,
and even wrote your own.
my soul danced on the
sunset of
dangerous mountains
even though
i knew nothing
good would come,
but lonely days
without the scent of
your masculinity to comfort
me on my worst days.
i remember when we strolled
the beach under the moon
and made pseudo-promises
of a forever that wouldn’t
reach us on the days
we need it most.
was that you,
or just a love starved?
i remember a billion
things evermore
even on days
I don’t


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xxoo yrsa and nayyirah :)))

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The idea of ‘the one’
- is absurd
I wake up to different parts of you
and each part
as beautiful as the next that i find.
I find morning you
and i fall in love.
At noon
i sit with your voice in my ear
falling in laughter.
By evening
i find a different woman
i want to bring pink orchids to.
And my body betrays me
mellowing for you
changing weather for you.

your song - Tapiwa Mugabe,

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Your name … A smile
Your name … A smile

A smile … Your name
A smile … Your name

pavlov - Tapiwa Mugabe,

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The cover of my poetry book avail Sept 1st :)


The cover of my poetry book avail Sept 1st :)


"Black Lives Matter" via LawrenceAgyei (Instagram)


"Black Lives Matter" via LawrenceAgyei (Instagram)

I’ve found love is the creation of a world that is allowed to exist for its own sake. When expectations for specific experiences are set, it shakes and crumbles.
Stimie (via howitzerliterarysociety)

i. even the way we looked at each other had a definition of its own.

ii. sometimes you would look at me like maybe i was every glowing mistake you watched your father make while in love.

iii. sometimes i would look at you like maybe you were every color that bled in the sky after the rain fell.

iv. most nights i dreamt we were like photographs.

v. sometimes when we were together it felt like Gods absence was crawling through the cracks of my body begging me to run until i was no longer alive.

vi. nothing felt more like love than me growing full in your belly.

vii. i can’t remember how many times i apologized for carrying your name around my heart like a moon that slept too long.

viii. sometimes we would make love in the same bed so far apart out hearts named miracles after us.

ix. but it was love, i swear it was love.

an ode to the way we love(d), brittanyceleste (via theamychronicle)